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Becas con Crowd: multiplicando el impacto de la financiación público-privada con Goteo.org

By: Mónica Cuende 14 | 03 | 2017 Advocacy, Capital Riego, Calls, Goteo, impacto social, Help kit, Red, Workshops

¿Formas parte de una organización que financia proyectos? ¿Eres filántropo? ¿Diseñas acciones de RSC?

¡Apúntate al seminario ‘Becas con Crowd’! Conocerás de primera mano, cómo las tecnologías digitales revolucionan la relación entre financiadores y proyectos a financiar, potenciando modelos de financiación más transparentes, abiertos


Abriendo la financiación institucional: hacia una asignación de recursos participativa, transparente y con beneficio social

By: Goteo 14 | 03 | 2016 Advocacy, Capital Riego, Success stories, Cloudfunding, Calls, crowdfunding, Goteo, impacto social, Red

Desde hace ya 5 años en la Fundación Goteo venimos diseñando, desarrollando e impulsando fórmulas y herramientas participativas y transparentes que permitan la financiación de proyectos ciudadanos con la implicación de  una buena variedad  de actores sociales: universidades, empresas, instituciones públicas, colectivos y movimientos sociales, sindicatos, asociaciones y personas que trabajan en muy diferentes


Measuring impact of #madeinGoteo campaign returns

By: Goteo 28 | 04 | 2015 #madeinGoteo, Advocacy, Success stories, crowdfunding, Goteo, impacto social, Projects

Proyecto Avizor provides a database to facilitate checking on parliamentary activities in development against poverty

In this article, we’d like to explain Goteo’s follow-up tracking process for successfully crowdfunded projects and their collective returns: how it’s performed, what results we obtain, and what conclusions the process allows us to draw. We do this together with  Vicky Anderica and Raúl Magallón, our “tracker” collaborators in charge of following and analyzing the results


Only 4% solidarity commission - so your crowdfund shoots past 100%!

By: Goteo 25 | 03 | 2015 Advocacy, crowdfunding, impacto social, Help kit, Red

Goteo Spring has brought several changes and improvements that we have been enthusiastically preparing, as we explained in our previous post. One of those changes is that we’re now applying one of the lowest commission rates of any crowdfunding platform, Spanish or international: our rate has dropped to just 4% if your campaign reaches its funding goal (otherwise, there's no associated costs - and not for those


Goteo Spring: lowering the commission, raising our values

By: Goteo 20 | 03 | 2015 Advocacy, crowdfunding, Goteo, impacto social, Help kit, Red

The spring season, so prone to civic revolutions, has also re-awakened our own ethical, open and collaborative instincts. So this year, building on the support of the growing community of Goteo users, we have launched new features and an enhanced set of core values which we would like to share here.

First of all, we at the Goteo Foundation want to thank everyone who has launched projects and co-financed the hundreds


Goteo's civic crowdfunding at Future Everything 2015

By: Goteo 02 | 03 | 2015 Advocacy, Events, Workshops
Different moments of our participation at Future Everything

It's hard to imagine giving a Goteo crowdfunding workshop in a setting more elaborate and grand than Manchester's Town Hall, the site of this week's 2015 Future Everything conference. The building, a neo-gothic Victorian completed in 1877, is a maze of antique woodwork, tiled floors, carved


Beyond money: sharing Goteo’s experience and challenges with Nesta

By: Goteo 10 | 11 | 2014 Advocacy, Success stories, Extremadura, Goteo
Source: Understanding Alternative Finance report, by Nesta & Cambridge University (page 77)

As you know, Goteo is focused on open projects with social, cultural, scientific, educational, technological or ecological impact that generate new opportunities for social change from a civic perspective, releasing free licensed digital resources for other people to learn and apply knowledge in benefit of society, in order to channel progress and innovation for all.

That’s why we are glad to have been invited