9th August 2017: Every morning, wallflower heart

As in the Héroes del Silencio's song "August", we woke up with a wallflower heart (as this very song says) in spite of, or thanks to, the high temperatures of these days. By the way, beyond the poetic license, we wish you a very happy Summer, wherever you are :)

Refreshing concepts. Matchfunding = crowdfunding + coresponsibility

We never miss the opportunity to share with you something about matchfunding and how this model works, so this time we do it with the support of a Europeana blog article Goteo and the case for match funding . As you know, a lot of institutions are interested in supporting creative projects in culture, research, technology, or science fields. However, sometimes they find it difficult to make their contributions visible, to reach the right sector and audience, or to get communities engaged. Institutions also search for means which help these projects to raise funds, to better manage the administration costs and to ensure a long-term project sustainability. So here the matchfunding programme shows up as a powerful tool able to capture those needs, by achieving the above mentioned goals.

Regarding this, we remind you September will be a hectic month for matchfunding, as the simultaneous launching of the crowdfunding campaigns of selected projects from #FemEducació and #META! 2017 calls take place. Goteo and promoting teams will keep working to optimise success chances for the projects. So these are the key dates:

  • 7th September 2017: launching of campaigns from FemEducació (Fundació Jaume Bofill, area: Catalonia)
  • 14th September 2017: launching of campaigns from META! 2017 (Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa, area: Gipuzkoa )

Will you support them? We hope so...as well as we hope you will follow us during this sizzling month, as we will keep publishing campaigns for projects encouraging fair and green commerce, or healthy lifestyles, but also standing for forests or other ways of living and buiding.

Ethiopia coffee
Doctor Luisito&Organicos Café wants to make a collective purchase of eco and fairtrade coffee from
Nuestro socio eres TÚ
By: Maribel
Nuestro socio eres TÚ
Categories: Social
Hace un año que abrimos las puertas de Café Doctor Luisito&Organicos, un Café de Especialidad y Ecotienda, eso supuso un enorme esfuerzo económico por la gran inversión que requirió. Ahora se nos termina el café que compramos a los agricultores en Etiopía, lo que conlleva reinvertir una cantidad importante de dinero que ya no tenemos. Solos no podemos! Necesitamos un socio, así que si compartes la filosofía de nuestro proyecto donde apoyamos a muchos pequeños productores de aquí...
Co-financing: Minimum € 7.300 _ Optimum € 15.000
Remaining: 14 days
Looking for a legal framework
Supporting housings reported for adpating theirselves to the environment instead of the law
El Calabacino, defendiendo una forma de vida
By: Asociación de vecinos de El Calabacino
El Calabacino, defendiendo una forma de vida
Categories: Social
Given the recent charges filed against various residents of this village, including accusations that may even lead to jail time, we are trying to find a legal framework that fits our way of living and building. We believe it is necessary for us as well as for other similar initiatives and for families or individuals who are considering this option of lifestyle in the future. We hope to raise financial aid for the legal journey on which we are embarking. Thanks to everyone for your support.
Co-financing: Minimum € 4.500 _ Optimum € 9.500
Remaining: 20 days
Mitigating the effects of drought
To pay the court sanction and to promote knowledge, in addition to improving the Barranco
Salvar el Barranco de La Mina. Aguas libres por su cauce
By: Honorio Galindo Rocha.Turcón Ecologistas en Acción
Salvar el Barranco de La Mina. Aguas libres por su cauce
Categories: Ecological
La Heredad de Aguas Las Palmas, Dragonal, Bucio y Briviesca ha denunciado a Turcón Ecologistas en Acción y a su presidente Honorio Galindo Rocha en los juzgados, consiguiendo que haya sido sancionado por las acciones directas realizadas en el cauce del barranco para aliviar la sequía que sufre el hábitat natural por la canalización de la totalidad de las aguas de dicho espacio protegido (Paisaje Natural de Cumbres en la isla de Gran Canaria). Se le imputa la comisión de un delito leve...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.100 _ Optimum € 3.400
Remaining: 35 days
Healthy alternative
To enlarge the rockodrome and to set up facilities for responding to the growing demand.
Bulder QNK más que un rocodromo
By: Asociacion Espacio Pachamama
Bulder QNK más que un rocodromo
Categories: Educational
Somos un grupo de profesionales del sector deportivo que trabajamos desde un espacio Coworking, promoviendo valores y hábitos de vida saludables, desde una perspectiva medioambiental, especialmente dirigida a los niños. Utilizamos la escalada como herramienta para mostrar al mayor numero de personas posible, un estilo de vida alternativo, basado en el trabajo en equipo, la autosuperación, respeto, y el amor por el medio natural que nos rodea. Fomentamos un habito deportivo que evita...
Co-financing: Minimum € 5.120 _ Optimum € 9.990
Remaining: 27 days
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