Zaragoza, España
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Descarga digital del CD + Agradecimiento en el libreto
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CD físico + Agradecimiento en el libreto (Envío Nacional)
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Todo lo anterior + Charla-Café con las integrantes de Caranzalem en la que hablar sobre su trabajo, el proceso del disco, la música, etc. (Encuentro en persona o Videollamada)
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Todo lo anterior + Concierto Privado de Caranzalem (Gastos de desplazamiento incluidos en un radio de 100 km alrededor de Zaragoza o Vigo)
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About this project

¿Te gustaría apoyarnos en el lanzamiento del primer CD de Caranzalem? Somos Pilar y Elena, juntas formamos un grupo de músicas del mundo.
Material Minimum Optimum
Producción de los CDs en formato físico
1000 Cds en formato Digipack + libreto de 12 páginas con ilustraciones y poemas.
€ 1.350
Gastos derivados de la campaña de crowdfunding
Pagos y envíos de las recompensas, porcentajes de esta plataforma y comisión bancaria que conllevan.
€ 950
Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Realización de la grabación
Parte de los gastos de grabación, edición, mezcla y masterización del CD + Remuneración a músicos y artistas colaboradores.
€ 1.600
Realización de la grabación
Parte de los gastos de grabación, edición, mezcla y masterización del CD + Remuneración a músicos y artistas colaboradores.
€ 1.150
Gastos derivados de la grabación y producción del CD
Dietas y Viajes
€ 900
Total € 3.900 € 5.950

General information

We are Pilar and Elena, two young and professional musicians from Zaragoza. We play the viola da gamba and the recorder and both of us studied early music in Seville.

Although we walked parallel paths, we didn’t met until three years ago in India where we were taking part in a volunteer project for social development through music. There we taught disadvantaged children, we gave many concerts and, above all, we learned a lot from what they had to teach us. It was an incredible month and we came back feeling like going on playing music together.

Little by little that feeling turned into what now is CARANZALEM: our personal musical project, a worldwide music duo where we dare to do anything for the sake of creating a musical journey.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

CAJA DE MÚSICA (Music Box) is our first album

On the one hand, we wanted to express our time working together as a group and the music we play: songs from all around the world that allow us to imagine a thousand trips, from an Argentinian tango to an Eastern European piece, as well as music from from Peru, Finland, Cuba…

In order to reach that goal we recorded during Summer 2016 in Ponteareas, Galicia, with the producer and sound technician Rubén Díez and with the percussionist Antonio Montiel. Musicians like John Conde and Jaime Serradilla also took part, as well as Fernando Massia as production assistant and presenter of our promotional video.

On the other hand, we want this album to be something special, a complete artwork which tells a story:

A music box. On a shop desk. A shop that is hidden on a street corner; the street is in a city lost in some part of the world. Those who cross the door are looking for something: a gadget, a wish, a flavour, a memory, a hope; something they forgot some time ago, something they longed for, something they fear, something they were waiting for. On the old desk, between some lost objects, between scents and pastel colours, the carved wood resists the passing of time. Two puppets look at the horizon over blue velvet: one holds a bow and a viol between her legs, the other holds a recorder between her lips.

Pilar, who is also a plastic artist, is responsible for the illustration and design and Clara Astarloa, a writer and a good friend, has written some texts and poems for the accompanying booklet.

Our Music Box is waiting for you. You can enjoy the sounds and surprises it holds inside.

Why this is important

We started this ambitious project nearly two years ago. We were really excited about expressing our ideas and our way of playing music in it and we wanted to share that with you all.

Music moves us; it is a butterfly in our stomachs which has been with us since we were children. We love letting it fly whenever we can and this album represents one of these moments.

We have spent a lot of effort and dedication to get there. And we have also forked some money out. We hope you can help us to defray these costs with your donations.

In return, we have prepared some rewards that we hope you will like. Everything from the CD to a private concert!

We encourage you to become travellers and to share this adventure with us. You decide the kind and the duration of your journey ;)

We would be really happy to count on your support!

We will use the money for:

  • Defraying the cost of the CD recording, editing and mastering and for the remuneration of the artists who have collaborated.
  • Making 1000 copies of the CD (we want to share it with as many people as possible!)
  • Covering the cost and delivery of the rewards, the percentage for the platform and bank commissions.

Team and experience

A whole life focused on music

As we have already told you, we love music! We love playing music, singing and travelling. And we love sharing all that with you!

Social commitment