Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Cáceres, Almagro... Berlin, Caracas, Dublin... Goteo has taken a curious path through Spain and other countries to explain in a hands-on way to the largest amount of people interested in learning about crowdfunding and collective financing. We believe that this is the best way to get to know the internal logic, best practices, and possibilities for this increasingly widespread alternative for financing projects.

Crowdfunding is a relatively recent phenomenon in Spain and in just a few months has shown itself to be a viable and flexible bet for the initiatives it promotes, with highly interesting secondary effects in the social and cultural environment of IT companies, like for example the generation of interested communities and the capacity to drum up expectations before a project is launched.

From Goteo, basing ourselves in Platoniq’s methodological know-how and the social mission of the Fundación Fuentes Abiertas, we offer the workshop as a theoretical path based on more than a year's analysis and codesign (differentiating micro-financing, crowdfunding, and p2p loans) that has led to this practical phase in which we are experimenting with different kinds of collective financing for a series of real projects.

This practical phase brings to life—in analogic mode—how the crowdfunding process works through participatory development, thanks to which it is possible to discover and reflect upon the key issues, like the criteria for evaluation or how to begin projects and make them attractive. It also permits the use of barometers that facilitate the evaluation of proposals by using indicators like the level of innovation, level of proximity, coherence, etc. with which the participants can interact.

More information about Goteo workshops, and the culture of collective financing, here and in Youcoop.