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Filed on 16 / 10 / 2021
€ 30
€ 3.500
€ 15.500
1 Co-financiers

Contributing € 20


The name of the donor will be registered in a special placket visible on the Eco Fast Ferry and a T- SHIRT with an Akamas area scenery photo will be given to the donor

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Contributing € 40

Souvenir present

A small but extremely usefull souvenir 100 ml bottle with original organic olive oil / or a 100ml bottle of original organic Carob honey, original produced from Akamas Penisula area.

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Contributing € 50

Eco Fast Ferry / Family tickets

Family tickets for 4 people plus children return from Paphos Port to Latchi Port when the Company's operation begins operating in 2022- 2023.

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Contributing € 75

Restaurant Treatment for 2 persons

Complimentary tickets for 2 ( two ) for a local traditional dinner with meze at a local traditional taverna with local food and wine in one of the most beutiful villages of Akamas at Neo Chorio.

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Contributing € 100

Tour to Akamas Peninsula with Electrical bikes

Complimentary tickets for 2 for the use of an Electrical mountain bike in Akamas Forest Park with quided tour.

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Contributing € 250

Accommodation in a traditional village house

Accomodation for 4 ( four) people in a beutiful traditional village house for one week at Neo Chorio village at the outskirts of Akamas National Forest.

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Contributing € 500


Your Company name and Company Logo will be printed in all our paper stationary , website , and all advertising material as well leaflets , tickets and promotional material for 1 year . Special 50% discount on the price the Company will decide for the next 2 years .

> 00 Co-financiers

Contributing € 1.000


Your Company Name / Logo will be painted on the Ferry and will be below the name of the Ferry / Akamas Eco Ferry for one year starting the first year of business operation . Special 50% discount on the price the Company will decide for the next 2 years of the operation.

> 00 Co-financiers

About this project

Save Akamas, Protect the environment and National Forest
Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Video production
Create a video presentation for the awareness of locals and tourists for the positive impact of the use of the Eco Fast Ferry as an alternative travel way via sea from Paphos Port to Latchi Port as well the protection of Akamas Peninsula and Akamas National Forest
€ 2.000
Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Website and Marketing Promotion
Creation of online website and promotion materials for marketing purposes and to enhance locals' and visitors' awareness
€ 1.500
Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Environmental and Market Research
This study, to be conducted from Neapolis Environment and Business Department, will help the Company to identify the environmental impact of the use of Eco Fast Ferry as an alternative travel way and will assist the company to have a clear picture before it proceeds for the investment .
€ 12.000
Total € 3.500 € 15.500

General information

Akamas National Park and Akamas Peninsula lies on the west coast of Cyprus and has an area of aproximately 230 square kilometers. It is a designated protected area from the EU and Cyprus Government.

The wildlife diversity is crucial for the ecology of the Mediterranean. In this spectacular environment thera are 168 varieties of birds, 20 different reptiles, 16 species of butterfly and 12 different mammals, also a very rich fauna.
Very important are the two turtle- nesting beaches which are designated sites of Community importance within the Natura 2000 network.
The whole Peninsula and Akamas National Forest Park was designated as a special protection area for birds.

The important significance of Akamas Peninsula has been widely recognized on the international level. The European Council has included the whole Akamas Peninsula area in its Mediterranean Protection Program and Nature 2000 protection area.
The Cyprus Governmnet has declared the AKAMAS NATIONAL PARK as a NATIONAL FOREST PARK and will spend more than 8 million euros in infrastructure, operating as from 2023 and expecting more than 800.000 visitors per year.

There are 800.000 visitors using every year the A7 road from Paphos to Polis using vehicles (cars , moterbikes, jeeps, buses, etc).

LATCHI WIBIT FERRY LTS is aiming to establish an alternative travel way via sea using an Eco Fast Ferry as a sea taxi with 4 daily return routes transporting passengers from Paphos Port to Lachi Port within 50 to 60 minutes.

The use of the Akamas Eco Ferry will help in protecting the environment since there will be low fuel emmisions with the use of the eco ferry instead of approaching the area with all kind of vehicles.

Moroever will increase tourism and resultant commerce from Paphos area to Latchi area and Akamas villages .

This is why the Market Research and Environmental Study to be conducted from Neapolis University will assist our Company to take the best sustainable and environmental decisions.

Your donation and your support will SAVE AKAMAS PENINSULA and will provide the same time new sustainable businesses and new jobs to young people that are living in Akamas Peninsula.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

The crowdfunding campaign will help to create an environmental study and a market research report from Neapolis University Environment and Business departments in order to identify the importance of the use of the Eco Fast Ferry as an alternative way to travel to Akamas Peninsula. The same time will cover the costs of creating a video presentation for the project as well a website.

The end result with the use of the Eco Fast Ferry will be to provide ecological protection to Akamas National Forest and provide new jobs and income to Latchi area. Finaly it will improve the local economy and provides new jobs to young people in the area of Latchi and Akamas Peninsula.

The croudfunding campaign will :





Organisations such as Green Party of Cyprus, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Activists fighting to SAVE AKAMAS, will join forces and participate in our aim to protect the area and to establish an environmental and sustainable alternative travel way to the area without polluting the Forest and Environment.


Why this is important

The project is motivated by the following objectives:

  • to guarantee user cost and time savings, making the transit time from Paphos to Polis and Akamas Peninsula via sea shorter (within 50 - 60 minutes) with a cheap fare comparing to travel with private car, taxi or bus.
  • increasing tourism and resultant commerce from Paphos area to Latchi area and vice versa. The stimated number of passengers using the fast ferry is 150,000 - 180,000 in a summer seazon or 25% to 30% of the total visitors in the area.
  • guaranteeing safer traveling with providing to the passengers the opportunity to experience the Akamas Peninsula and National Park traveling along the coast via sea.

In addition to user cost savings, the proposed service offers a significant environmental benefit over the current mode of transportation between the two areas, Paphos and Latchi/Polis. We calculated the per- traveler fuel consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions for the travel beetween Paphos and Latchi area via a car or bus and compare it to that of the proposed service.

An individual traveler using the existing road A7 to travel by car or bus is estimated to consume over 4 gallons of fuel in each direction, generating 86lbs of greenhouse gasses for a one way trip. Using the proposed alternative travel with Eco Ferry it is estimated that the individual passenger will only consume just over 1.5 gallons in both directions generating much less greenhouse gasses and not near the Forest and fauna.

The service via the Akamas Eco Ferry by transfering 150,000 to 180,000 passengers, mainly tourists in the summer season (7 months) has a higher than average impact of " multiplier " with regard to new job creation. It is estimated that the service would create the equivalent of 40 - 50 new full -time positions in Latchi area only, using concervative estimates, infuse 5 m euros into the local economy as a result of spending from the tourists.

In addition to this direct impact the ECO FERRY service will encourage additional tourism and commerce between the two areas.

Team and experience

The company Latchi Wibit Ferry Ltd with the Trade mark Latchi Wibit Ferry and Akamas Eco Ferry will be operating the Ferry.
Partners are the Masouras Bros Shipping Company Ltd, a known national wise firm for its coastal cruises. The firm offers a wide variety of cruises ranging from full day, half day, Sunset, Pirate, Catamaran, along with private charters, special events. This firm was founded in 1983 with reputation of being experienced, reliable and passionate. It has been trusted from thousands if not milions customers. They have experienced ship captains and personnel.

The Hadjiminas family, Anastasia and Savvas Hadjimina, have 40 years experience in tourism, hotel and theme parks business and working on the top level with many Tourist Agencies and Tour Operators for outsource and incoming tourism in Cyprus.

We will also involve the local business and local authorities to participate in the project since the stablishment and operation of the Eco Ferry as a sea taxi will have benefits for everybody. Thus, at a later stage, we will call these entities to participate in the Company.
Masouras Bros Shipping has the dogging rights for both ports (Paphos and Latchi) and has the experience to operate and manage the Eco Ferry with experienced captains and trained staff.

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Social commitment

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Affordable and Clean Energy

    Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity.

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

    There needs to be a future in which cities provide opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.

  • Climate Action

    Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere.