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    To thank you for your support of the project, we give you Dani Garreton's postcard set / https://danigarreton.com/

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    Now you get a printed poster of the first chapter of "Plastic Family" comic signed by Panthalassa + postcard set by Dani Garreton.

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  • Contributing $ 33


    The original version of the comic is available in Spanish or Basque. If you want your comic in another language, this is your option. Reward includes the first comic chapter "Plastic Family" translated in your chosen language signed by Panthalassa and postcard set by Dani Garreton.

    Eligible languages are EU officials. For other languages, please check with our team.

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  • Contributing $ 33


    To get to know even more the unique and essential marine fauna and flora, we give you an entrance to the Aquarium of San Sebastián, one of the best and oldest aquariums in Europe.

    You'll also get a printed poster of the first comic "Plastic Family" signed by Panthalassa + postcard set by Dani Garreton.

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  • Contributing $ 44


    MAISOR, the artisan cannery from Getaria joins our boat and brings you some delicious gifts from the sea, fish and prepared with a lot of love and tradition.

    And the comic poster signed by Panthalassa and a set of postcards by Dani Garreton will not be missing.

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  • Contributing $ 54

    100% PLASTIC FREE.

    As you really like the project, we want to give you a set of BEE IN products (https://www.beeinwrap.com/), handmade wraps made of natural beeswax and Oeko-Tex certified cotton. A 100% plastic-free alternative to store your food.

    You also get a printed poster of the first chapter of "Plastic Family" comic signed by Panthalassa and postcard set by Dani Garreton.

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    LA FAMILIA / x5

    Seguro que en vuestra familia cada uno queréis SU cómic. O igual te gusta tanto que quieres uno para ti y dos pares más para tus amigos.
    Aquí los tienes – un pack de 5 carteles del Cómic “Plastic Family”.

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    For the project to continue navigating we are looking for embassies - shops, cafes, surf shops, sailing clubs and / or other types of public spaces that share respect and the fondness for the great blue. Yours can be one of our ports where to expose the comic in a special panel of larger size.

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    On the occasion of the European Sea Day in which Panthalassa and Navegavela take an active part, we invite you to board the boat and sail for two hours to see in first person the state of our seas and perhaps inspire you to create a new chapter of the comic.

    We give you a bonus, which you can redeem on May 20, 2020.

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    LA CUADRILLA / x10

    Reward for groups of friends, partners, raffles and gifts.
    You receive a pack of 10 “Plastic Family” comics.

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  • Contributing $ 163


    We organize the one-day exhibition of the installation "Plastic Family" - the three protagonists of the comic - in your chosen space.

    The "Plastic Family" is an artistic installation made of plastic remains found on the beaches of Gipuzkoa and Iparralde whose objective is to make visible the large amount of waste that ends up at sea every day.

    The reward includes the management, communication and transportation of the figures within the territory of the Gipuzkoa.
    Artistic insurance costs are not included.

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  • Contributing $ 545


    “Blue Factory” is a creative space where we turn our love for the ocean into stories of wind, water and salt. If you have in mind an event that shares the same being, for one day we open the door of the Factory and make our space and equipment available to make it happen.

    "Blue Factory" is located at Avenida Navarra 50 (Gros, Donostia).

    The proposals must demonstrate a clear relationship with the objectives of the project.

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  • Contributing $ 545

    THE BACKYARD / x50

    We will send 50 units of the Comic to your school, your company, your club, your foundation, your organization so that you distribute them among yourselves or dedicate to a good cause in favor of the clean, living and happy oceans.

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  • Contributing $ 871

    THE CROWD / x 100

    We create a reward for companies, foundations, institutions and organizations that are interested in treating the plastic problem in a different way, educating with art, humor and closeness.

    You receive a pack of 100 units of the Comic "Plastic Family" to dedicate them to the people who could provide us the best solutions and the most anticipated examples.

    • or to wallpaper your room.
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About this project

Comic about the the Plastic Family, a family that faces the world of “use and throw” and proposes to change it.

Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Comic poster illustration (a chapter).
We developed the project in collaboration with one of the best local illustrators, Aritz Trueba, who dedicates his free time to the project and its best and colorful designs.
$ 1,742
Comic poster printing (500 units of a chapter).
The format of the comic requires personalized treatment and custom printing. We carefully choose the material and the painting, so that the comic does not lose a single detail.
$ 2,723
Creation of added products.
Creation of added products, including prints in other sizes and materials, project promotion material (tote bags, T-shirts), special presentation and promotion events.
$ 2,723
Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Creation and management of the project.
Development of the script, management of the illustration, editing, translation, printing and distribution. Resource management and communication.
$ 1,307
Project distribution.
Preparation and distribution of promotional and informative material about the project. The cost includes expenses and shipping material (shipped in cardboard tube).
$ 1,634
Total $ 7,405 $ 10,128

General information

In 2018 we created the "Plastic Family", an artistic installation made of plastic remains found on the beaches of Gipuzkoa and Iparralde. The objective of the installation was to make visible the large amount of waste that ends up at sea every day. For a year "Plastic Family" toured the beaches of Donostia and Biarritz, arrived at the European Parliament and inaugurated the first World Impact Summit 2019 in Bordeaux, attracting public attention and promoting media dissemination on the environmental problem.

Appreciating the success of the „Plastic Family“ we propose a new idea for 2019/2020, bringing the characters of the Plastic Family to life.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

Together with the Basque illustrator Aritz Trueba we have developed the „Plastic Family“ comic, designed in an easy and convenient format to spread among schools and public spaces, as well as appealing to all types of public interested in the subject and / or format. With the Plastic Family as protagonists we want to tell everyday stories with an educational touch and with a subtlety of humor to raise awareness about the problem of contamination.

All the content of the comic is developed based on the creative contribution of society, offering the opportunity to tell us their ideas, stories, their vision on the problem or simply the life of a family in our environment that, like many, is surrounded constantly of plastic products.

ptls-plasticfamily-4-.jpg 5bineta.jpg

Why this is important

Each family produces an average of 125 kg of plastic each year. Most of it ends in the sea, the same sea that we adore and enjoy so much. We are the cause of the problem, therefore we should also be part of the solution.

The project is aimed at all Donostiarras and visitors of our city, and any other corner of the world coast that is affected by plastic pollution. We want to deliver our message to the little ones, to their parents and grandparents, to politicians, scientists, amateurs and professionals, to all of us who can contribute something to improve the plasticized image that day after day we show to the Ocean.


Team and experience

Panthalassa is a global collective of creatives, artists, filmmakers and photographers with a special sensitivity for the Ocean. The projects we develop are for institutions, foundations and brands that have a similar vision of respect and love for our seas. Our award-winning work covers all kinds of formats, from videos and art sculptures, to digital installations, and has been presented on world-renowned platforms such as National Geographic, the European Parliament and Nowness.

With each of our projects Panthalassa aims to raise awareness about beauty, but at the same time the fragility of the Ocean, educate society on key issues or simply stimulate their senses. / http://www.panthalassa.tv

In this project we collaborate with Daniela Garreton, artist - illustrator who uses different artistic techniques to create her work whose main theme is marine flora and fauna and the people related to it, and BEE IN, a family start-up from Latvia that has transformed its passion for nature and the tradition of beekeeping in the best 100% plastic-free alternative for food storage. We also have the collaboration of Aquarium of San Sebastián and Navegavela, the lighthouses of maritime life in Euskadi.

Social commitment