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Finished 04 / 05 / 2016
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    Thank you for trusting CTXT. Your name –if you wish– will be included in the list of acknowledgements. We will send you a newsletter via e-a,il with a preview of wednesday´s editorial content.

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    You will receive, on a weekly basis, an e-mail with advance publication of CTXT. your name –if you wish– will be included in the list of acknowledgements. we will send you a newsletter via e-mail with a preview of wednesday’s editorial content.

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    With this contribution you will be part of the whatsapp group of the editorial department. Your name –if you wish– will be included in the list of acknowledgements.

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    press review and daily recommendation

    We will send you a daily press review with the recommendations of Soledad Gallego-Díaz, Guillem Martínez, Gerardo Tecé, and the latest articles published in CTXT. Your name –if you wish– will be included in the list of acknowledgements.

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    a mug with a caricature by Luis Grañera

    A mug with a caricature design by cartoonist Luis Grañera.
    -Book “Clave Intelectual”
    -Daily press review.
    -Preview of editorial content.

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    "Bright young hopes" section

    With these contributions, we will develop a new talents section, where we will select a text, a video and photography among those sent by the "bright young hopes".

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    Participate as the magazine’s edition goes to press

    You will be able to come one wednesday as we go to press and experience with the last two hours of work with the editorial team, which are the most intense and enjoyable.

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    eBook + press magazine
    • eBook of your choice from Gerardo Tecé, Malagón, Guillem Martínez, Pedripol and Alain Paul Mallard. Also: - Daily press review. - Preview of editorial content.
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    "Clave Intelectual" book + eBook + news magazine

    -A book of your choice from the catalogue of the publisher "Clave Intelectual". Also: -eBbook of your choice (Gerardo Tecé, Malagón, Guillem Martínez, Pedripol o Alain Paul Mallard) -Press review -Preview of editorial content.

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    Meeting with the editors

    Participate in an encounter about journalism and meet the CTXT editing team. We will inform you of the exact date, but we anticipate that it will take place in Madrid during the spring of 2016 ;)

    Also: - “Clave Intelectual” book -eBook. -Daily press review -preview of editorial content.

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    Patron of CTXT + participate on the editorial board + signed vignette by Malagón

    -Your name will be included in the magazine’s list of patrons on our web.

    • Access to all events and assist friday’s editorial meeting.
    • Signed vignette by Malagón or Pedripol.
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    Chief patron CTXT
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About this project

We want to continue reporting freely, each week selecting the issues that we believe you should know about, echoing the voice of minorities, showing that there are alternatives to mainstream thinking. Become a CTXT patron

Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Regular Contributions, Editorial Team: - Deputy Director - Editor in Chief - Responsible for Edition - Seville and Barcelona Delegations - Correspondents: Congress, Paris, London, Brussels, New York, Buenos Aires, Rome.
$ 27,335
Regular Contributions: - Politics - Graphic Edition - Sports - Databases and Networks - Culture
$ 16,401
Administration, Sales and Marketing. - Management - Marketing Director - Sales Director - Subscriptions and Accounts
$ 13,121
Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Equipment and headquarter rental.
$ 27,335
Total $ 56,857 $ 84,192

General information

Don't miss out on the facts. Please, give your support to this journal focused on understanding the key issues of current politics and society with the depth of analysis they require.

CTXT was created with the commitment of its 14 founding partners who worked for free during its first year. Thanks to our first crowdfunding campaign we were able to create a free weekly newspaper, and we have gradually become an alternative to the traditional prevailing mindset in mainstream media.

One year on, we have almost 2 million readers that spend an average of 14 minutes on our web and a very active community of subscribers and followers in social media.

Our goal for this year is to consolidate CTXT as your chose media, placing contextual journalism at the service of the community. In an increasingly biased and distorted journalistic and political panorama, context is everything. Without it, news, facts, statements are not understood. Our society needs ideas, argument and clarification. And we are again in need of your willingness and solidarity to keep this project alive.

With the support of many contributing small amounts we can preserve this form of understanding journalism and radically boost free critical thinking in our country.

If you can, please donate to this project or encourage your friends to do likewise.

We know we are swimming against the tide, but we have already proved that an idealistic project can be feasible in a cut-throat market, and that there is a faithful readership who support quality free-thinking journalism.

CTXT came into being to respond to a democratic emergency: the lack of independence of European and national press, increasingly submissive to financial and political powers. Now it must continue this path consolidating a structure with a future and rewarding all the efforts of its worker-members.

We want the freedom to practise journalism (and to eat too), and to do so, we need your support.

If you also believe that reporting original, unbiased information direct from the source is essential and must be accessible to everyone, please support this project.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

We will embed the Goteo campaign on our website, with a widget in all articles. We have planned a campaign with several action points:

★ Information for subscribers through an editorial newsletter sent by e-mail.

★ Daily information via RSS with news about the project, the goals we aim to achieve and the benefits our patrons can receive when collaborating with the campaign, to keep the magazine running, personal rewards...

★ With videos of prominent cultural and political figures, and also of anonymous individuals, with messages encouraging the support of free-thinking journalism. We will aim for these videos to go viral on the Internet.

★ Presentation of the magazine with events (from the end of February to April) in several cities in Spain, where in addition to introducing CTXT we will publicise our crowdfunding campaign with QR codes in the cafeteria.

★ In the news section, where a crowdfunding widget will appear alternating with different calls-to-action (CTAs) such as Do you want to join the editorial department WhatsApp group? Let’s create a bright young hopes section. Get your mug with a caricature by Grañena.

★ The support of CTXT partners and friends, with over 250,000 followers on Twitter.

★ Press releases so that our supporters in the media spread our campaign (Infolibre, La voz del sur)

★ Contacts with related groups and organisations through our editorial advisors and the magazine’s partners.


★ APersonalized acknowledgements in social media for everyone who collaborates in promoting
the project among friends and family.

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Why this is important

★ Background and motivation

CTXT was founded on 15th January 2015 by 14 journalists, who provided €20,000 share capital. Twelve months later, Revista Contexto S. L, the publishing company, ended the 2015 financial year with a loss of €91,796. We have spent €144,935, and we have earned €53,187. Eight out of ten euros earned, 83% of €53,187, comes from the donations of 3,600 patrons and subscribers, who have donated a total amount of €44,000 throughout the year to the project.

During the first year, the founding members worked pro bono together with a group of young journalists editing and writing the magazine. This spirit of partnership explains why the level of expenses has been so low.

Most of the available funds have been spent on paying the collaborations of over 150 authors, reporters, photographers and cartoonists.

We promised to consolidate the magazine’s contents, and in order to do so we need to create a solid working team that can earn a living from their work. That is why we need the help of our readers.

For us journalism is a public service, necessary for society and at the service of its community. And to be able to be these three things, it has to be independent. We reach out to all those citizens who are crying out for a truly free media and searching for a place to find information, education and debate about the big current issues.


Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

For 2016, our challenge is to turn CTXT into a more influential and attractive magazine, better connected to its community. But getting the publishing society to become a sustainable enterprise is the first step. We want the freedom to continue practising journalism and we need your collaboration so that the magazine is sustainable and can continue its work.

With the needs described in this campaign covered, we will economically maintain the magazine during the next 6 months. The commitment of our readers is indispensable for us to be able to produce quality independent focused journalism.


Team and experience

The director of CTXT is Miguel Mora (Madrid, 1964), former correspondent of El País in Paris, Rome and Lisbon.

The coordinator of the editorial board is Soledad Gallego-Díaz.

The deputy director is Vanesa Jiménez, and the people responsible for the magazine in Catalonia and Andalusia are Guillem Martínez and Gerardo Tecé.

CTXT is published every Wednesday night, and edits around 40 original texts weekly, produced by a group of renowned collaborators, including Soledad Gallego-Díaz, Ignacio Sánchez Cuenca, Guillem Martínez, Ángeles Caballero, Gerardo Tecé, Andy Robinson, Pilar Solá, José Moisés Carretero, Javier Santacruz, Cristina Peñamarín, José Luis Cuerda, Alain-Paul Mallard, Rubén Uría, Emmanuel Rodríguez, Francisco Jurado, Concita di Gregorio, Bárbara Celis, Eric Fassin, Rosa Pereda, Pilar Ruiz, Jesús Marchamalo, Raúl Gay and Raquel Garzón.

CTXT also seeks the relevance and repercussion of its editorials and interviews, and has already hosted important figures such as José María Maravall, Ignacio Urquizu, Ivan Krastev, José Antonio Pérez-Tapias, Iñigo Errejón, Saskia Sassen, Owen Jones, Víctor Lapuente, César Rendueles, Andoni Ortuzar, Roberto Saviano, Joaquín Estefanía, Jesús Ceberio, Ezio Mauro, Noam Chomsky (Honorary President of CTXT) and George Scialabba.

A further feature of CTXT is the quality of its cartoonists and graphic collaborators (Luis Grañena, Pedripol, La Boca del Lobo, Malagón…) to such an extent that illustration has become one of its hallmarks, highly appreciated among experts and on social media.

During the first year, CTXT signed information-sharing agreements with the web Socialeurope, the digital newspaper infoLibre and its French partner Mediapart, La voz del Sur, and Italian digital newspapers Inpiù and Ytali.com

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Social commitment