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Contributing € 5


We will make public your name or that of your entity in our new website as a thank you to your contribution
(also for the rest of the rewards)

> 06 Co-financiers

Contributing € 10

The Elixir of Life

Do not miss this magical opportunity ... the elixir of eternal youth has returned!
A small gift with great joys. Delicate raspberry liqueur from the hand of Vom Fass, supporting the local commerce of the Gracia neighborhood.

> 14 Co-financiers

Contributing € 12

Vaso esterilizador + Jabón natural para tu Copita

La vida útil de una copa menstrual es aproximadamente de 10 años, si quieres aprovecharla al máximo mantén tu copita siempre limpia alternando o complementando estos dos artículos.

> 07 Co-financiers

Contributing € 15

Espéculo vaginal + bolsita artesana

En el mundo del autoconocimiento es imprescindible conocer tu cuerpo en todas sus fases, por eso te recomendamos que te animes a saber más con tu propio espéculo. Es muy importante investigar sobre tu cuerpo, sí, pero es igual o más importante llevarlo a la práctica e inspeccionar sobre el terreno.
¡No tengas manías! Tu cuerpo es tuyo y es imprescindible que lo mimes mejor que nadie.

> 03 Co-financiers

Contributing € 15

Menstrual diary

A journal of limited edition in Catalan made by Somiarte, the best way to start knowing all the phases of your cycle.

> 08 Co-financiers

Contributing € 18

Huevo de mineral para ejercicios pélvicos

Huevo de piedra mineral de Jade o Cuarzo rosa, muy preciado por los taoístas, quienes desarrollaron determinadas técnicas de autocuración para contar con una mayor vitalidad, longevidad y sexualidad. Y con el fin de mejorar la sexualidad femenina y fortalecer la musculatura de tu suelo pélvico.

> 06 Co-financiers

Contributing € 20

"Mi Primer Libro Rojo"

Book of the writer and illustrator Violeta del Río to receive, celebrate and take care of our girls in the way of their cycles.

> 05 Co-financiers

Contributing € 20

Crema Hidratante, directamente desde el Pre-Pirineo y 100% artesana

Pensada para el cuidado de tu piel con rosa mosqueta, eucalipto, almendras dulces, lavanda y manzanilla; mejora la elasticidad y re- fortalece los tejidos de tu piel. Con una pequeña cantidad de ella podrás cuidar y alimentar tu piel sin intoxicar tu cuerpo.

> 01 Co-financiers

Contributing € 22

Huevo de mineral para ejercicios pélvicos

Huevo de piedra mineral de Obsidiana, muy preciado por los taoístas, quienes desarrollaron determinadas técnicas de autocuración para contar con una mayor vitalidad, longevidad y sexualidad. Y con el fin de mejorar la sexualidad femenina y fortalecer la musculatura de tu suelo pélvico.

> 04 Co-financiers

Contributing € 25

"Ponle Ritmo a la Tribu"

We will share the Spotify link with you so you can add those songs that connect with your goddess, your shaman, your sorceress and your witch in the collaborative playlist of the Bloody Venus coven

> 01 Co-financiers

Contributing € 28

Your menstrual cup

Are you ready to make the leap? Receive your menstrual cup, the size you choose, enjoy its benefits and help more people every day give it too! We commit to individual advice to accompany you in your choice!

> 08 Co-financiers

Contributing € 35

Cloth bag with free design

Limited and special edition made for the Bloody Venus campaign by the artist Hanimal Leon, professional scientific illustrator and tattoo artist

> 02 Co-financiers

Contributing € 45

Natural remedies

Basic care kit for the whole family by EcoMerci, planted, collected and handcrafted in the Pyrenees. It includes calendula ointment, arnica ointment, decongestive ointment and relaxing ointment.

> 05 Co-financiers

Contributing € 50

Grow with us + Reward SURPRISE

Cultivate in your garden or urban garden this kit of very special native seeds (beans and lettuce), extinct and recovered by the Bank of the Seeds of the Vallès Oriental. Help us grow, taking care of nature, eating healthy and respecting the planet that welcomes us.

  • Surprise reward that will be unlocked upon reaching the minimum goal (#desbloquealarecompensa)
> 02 Co-financiers

Contributing € 60

Initiation kit for ecological menstruation

A pack that includes your menstrual cup of the German brand MeLuna (of the size you choose) and a kit of all the sizes of reusable cloth compresses that you need during your moment of bleeding: a salvasleep, two normal compresses and one at night . Fine, very comfortable and totally handmade.

> 05 Co-financiers

Contributing € 75

Give visibility to the blood that gives Life

It produces a positive impact on your environment. Embellishes a staircase, a wall (or more) of the city of Barcelona and creates social awareness, giving visibility to menstruation as a natural fact. With your contribution the Colectivo Bravas will decorate one or several public spaces of our city. This reward is focused on all people, but especially associations and / or groups that want to support our initiative. In recognition of your contribution, the name of the people or groups that opt for this reward will appear in the murals we make.

> 00 Co-financiers

Contributing € 100

Give yourself a Menstrual Therapy

Therapeutic workshop of an hour and a half that connects you with the ancestral wisdom of your body. Through the conscious and deep knowledge of the feminine cycles, it empowers and improves the general and sexual health of the woman, favoring the personal growth.

> 02 Co-financiers

Contributing € 150

Spend a weekend in the Pre-Pyrenees

Enjoy accommodation for two people in a community with a sustainable lifestyle. Attention! This option includes activities in nature and pleasant surprises that will not leave you indifferent.

> 01 Co-financiers

Contributing € 350

Sane together

Directed especially to Associations or Groups that wish to collaborate with our initiative. We offer a free workshop for a max group. of 20 women. Ideal to improve the knowledge of our cycles, enhance our general and sexual health, connecting with our partners from what most unites us: our cyclicity!

> 01 Co-financiers

#desbloquealarecompensa "Crece con nosotras"

15 | 03 | 2018

¡Buenas noticias, bloody sisters y todxs los que nos apoyáis!

@EcoMerciNatural la primera valiente en seleccionar nuestra recompensa "Crece con nosotras" ¿Quieres saber cuál será la sorpresa que le acompaña? ¡Ayúdales a averiguarlo!
➡️Participa y difunde: en tus redes sociales, a tus amigxs, para conseguir juntas una mensutruación consciente y empoderada.

¿Eres artista o artesana y buscas un espacio común donde compartir tu trabajo? ¡Cuénta con nosotras y apuntate como Colaboradora!

¡Siguenos en nuestras redes sociales para las últimas novedades y difunde el mensaje!


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