Nodo Móvil

Finished 23 / 01 / 2012
€ 1.744
€ 1.250
€ 1.750
86 Co-financiers

Contributing € 5

sponsoring recognition

Your name willappear in the acknowledgement section of the project documentation.

> 52 Co-financiers

Contributing € 20

Tutorials for understanding how it works

Personalized advising sessions to explain how the Node is designed, built and how it works. The tutorials can be done online or on-site in the guifilab facilities (weekly meetings in Barcelona on Thursdays afternoon).

> 10 Co-financiers

Contributing € 250

Transmission Testing

Apart from the above mentioned aspects, the Mobile Node allows for voice and video transmission via streaming for specific purposes (festival, congress or meeting in the public space).

> 00 Co-financiers

Contributing € 2.500

additional Mobile Node-Plus

As well as producing the node specific in the project, an additional Mobile Node will be built, configured and delivered to the person, institution or group providing such amount for their own use and needs.

> 00 Co-financiers

I love Federica

20 | 12 | 2011

Federica es un proyecto europeo que ayuda a implementar infraestrcturas de redes experimentales.

Es uno de los partners de la comunidad en el proyecto CONFINE, junto a otros potentes participantes, como la UPC y otras redes abiertas europeas.

Intentaremos en el futuro podamos probar el prototipo del Nodo Móvil en esta gran red europea que se está testeando, con el objetivo de construir el Internet del Futuro.



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