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    Your name will appear on our blog as “Co-financier”

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    Series of drawings and sound clips to download

    You will also receive a series of drawings and sound clips to download, drawn and recorded during our crowd-funding campaing in India (November -December 2012) + blog recognition

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    AMAR´s DVD

    You will receive a DVD of Ámár, an award-wining animated short by Isabel Herguera, 2010 + digital drawing + sound clip recorded in India + blog recognition

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    Camiseta 'Selfportrait'

    Recibirás en casa la camiseta 'Selfportrait' de Isabel Herguera + Serie de dibujos y clip de sonido en archivo digital + Agradecimiento en el blog Sultana's Dream

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    You will receive an original A4 drawing by Isabel Herguera + “Ámár” animated short DVD (Isabel Herguera, 2010) + digital drawing + sound clip recorded in India + blog recognition.

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    You will receive at Isabel Herguera´s original A3 drawing + “Ámár” animated short DVD (Isabel Herguera, 2010) + digital drawing + sound clip recorded in India + blog recognition

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    Animation Workshops taught by Isabel Herguera

    A 20-hour animation workshop taught by Isabel Herguera for a maximum of 15 participants were she will implement the same methodology (exquisite corpse) used during the workshops in India. Art material, travel, and accommodations-related expenses are not included.

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“Rule a great country as you would fry a small fish” Tao te king, Lao tze

31 | 12 | 2012

‘A meeting of a number of wise ladies was held at the Queen’s palace to advise as to what should be done to save the land. Some proposed to fight like soldiers; others objected and said that women were not trained to fight with swords and guns, nor were they accustomed to fighting with any weapons. A third party regretfully remarked that they were hopelessly weak of body.

‘”If you cannot save your country for lack of physical strength,” said the Queen, “try to do so by brain power.”

‘On the following day the Queen called upon all men to retire into zenanas for the sake of honour and liberty. Wounded and tired as they were, they took that order rather for a boon! They bowed low and entered the zenanas without uttering a single word of protest. They were sure that there was no hope for this country at all.

‘Then the Lady Principal with her two thousand students marched to the battle field, and arriving there directed all the rays of the concentrated sunlight and heat towards the enemy”. Sultanas dream by Rokeya Hossain

Drawings by Ines, Julia, Nicolas and Avonti.


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