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Finished 12 / 11 / 2022
€ 7.236
€ 5.631
€ 16.333
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Be part of the Agrari family

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Cloth bags

🛍️ An Agrari cloth bag

📅 A calendar of seasonal fruits and vegetables

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Bike tour - 1 person

🚲 Bike tour through the orchard of Alboraya (Valencia)

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Gift basket

🧺 Gift basket with seasonal products, direct from the farmer

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Permaculture training

🏕️ Permaculture training for beginners, learn what it is, how to do it and where to find it.

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Camping for 2 persons

🏕️ Priority access (with tent included) to the next camping organised by Agrari together with the company Sí o Qué Turismo Rural (Province of Valencia).

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Yes or What is a rural tourism company with which Agrari collaborates in its campsites by offering local products at the dinner of the excursion.

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Sponsor an orange tree

🍊 Receive a 10kg box of Valencian oranges per month for three months!

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Excursion to the orchard, visit to a farmer and tasting of Valencian avocados. 2 persons

🧑🌾 Guided excursion to an avocado orchard for 2 persons

🥑 Avocado tasting with panoramic view of the Vall de Segó (Valencia)

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Sponsor a premium avocado tree

🥑Receive a 5kg box of premium Valencian avocados every month for three months!

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Major sponsor

🧺 Subscription to 1 basket of seasonal fruit and vegetables per month for 1 year

🌟 A special mention on our website

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About this project

Participate in improving our service to deliver same-day deliveries and fairly remunerate more farmers.

Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Goteo Commissions
Payment and management fees
€ 511
Customer management tools
€ 330
Warehouse rental at StartUPV (UPV campus)
€ 1.704
Legal advice
Expansion of services provided by our legal advisors
€ 1.200
Extended insurance
Insurance extension
€ 700
Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Warehouse hardware
Purchase of tablets to use the management software
€ 306
Purchasing rewards and shipment
€ 1.000
Bulk Boxes
Wholesale purchase of boxes at a reduced price to achieve economic sustainability sooner
€ 902
Portable handheld cardboard printer
Portable tool to print the Agrari logo on our box, as well as funny phrases to enhance the user experience when opening the box.
€ 500
Recording equipment for social media
Our main social networks are Instagram and Tik Tok. To make higher quality videos we will need to purchase a selfie stick, rent a mobile phone with a high resolution camera and a spotlight.
€ 1.500
Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Software development
Development of a checklist and various automations for the management of warehouse operations.
€ 1.300
Online marketing tools
Pluggins in woocommerce, automation of marketing actions within the same website.
€ 300
Transport trolley
Purchase of two folding trolleys to store and transport boxes within the warehouse.
€ 180
Web design improvement
Improving the user experience of the website
€ 3.500
Community Manager Salary
Hire a person to generate content, organise and plan social networks
€ 2.400
Total € 5.631 € 16.333

General information

What problem do we solve?

For years, farmers have been in a structural price crisis that makes it impossible for them to pay for the production costs of their foodstuffs. For example, in the last citrus season, oranges were paid 0.10 cents per kg, and then appeared in the supermarket at 1.40 euros per kg. This is mainly due to:

  • The large number of intermediaries that exist in the food distribution chain.
  • The globalised competition with other geographical areas with softer legislation, which allows the production of foodstuffs at very low prices - impossible for our producers.

In addition, it is difficult for consumers to have access to quality products with flavour. Supermarket vegetables no longer have flavour, due to genetic change, early harvesting and transport in refrigerated containers. On the other hand, produce straight from the field is very tasty, but it is difficult to access, as, for example, many people cannot go to a municipal market in the mornings, or wait for a weekly delivery from a farmer. Our pace of life pushes us to consume the most convenient solutions.

This is why we must put an end to this situation and offer a sustainable, quality and convenient consumption alternative, which helps both the farmer and the consumer. In this way, change will be possible thanks to our project. We believe that everyone deserves to eat well and sustainably, that's why we created AGRARI.

What is AGRARI?

AGRARI is a platform web that connects buyers with farmers, offering a next day home delivery service and remunerating farmers fairly. With AGRARI, the farmer receives up to seven times moreeuros per kg than with a traditional middleman. This is possible because we eliminate intermediaries in the supply chain and establish a fair and equal relationship between the different actors in the chain.

Why are we asking for crowdfunding?

We started the project a year ago, but at the moment deliveries are next day. Now we need you to improve our home delivery service and:

  • Same day deliveries, to make local consumption more accessible.
  • Attract more customers to help more farmers.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign


We want to be the project that makes sustainable purchasing easier for consumers. In such a way that we bring about a change in consumer habits that is positive for the planet.

The aim of AGRARI is to reward farmers, promote local consumption and boost rural economy.


- Direct from the farmer
Without intermediaries: direct from the field to your home.

  • Fair prices for the farmer
  • Development of the rural world

- Quality products
Best taste and nutrition: the products are harvested at their optimum point, not stored or prematurely ripened.

  • The experience of the years: our farmers are experts in their product

- Digitisation of the sector
We apply new technologies to optimise the online sales process.

  • Fast delivery to your home
  • R&D in a traditional sector

Sustainable transport with zero-emission vehicles

  • Reducing the carbon footprint through local consumption


  1. You place your order
  2. The order arrives at our farmers and they prepare the order.
  3. AGRARI collects the product and brings it to our logistic point.
  4. We pack the box
  5. The box is picked up by an e-courier company.
  6. The Agrarier receives the order the next day in the province of Valencia.


At AGRARI we work on the basis of 4 values:

  • EQUITY: We defend an equal supply chain between actors, as well as those agrarian spaces in which women play a fundamental role.

  • COMMUNITY: We are collaborative people and work together to achieve a common goal.

  • SUSTAINABILITY: We want to create a fair consumption system that can be repeated over time.

  • CHANGE: We drive the change we want to see in the world.


Thanks to you, we will be able to optimise our service and improve the management of orders, being able to execute them without errors and in record time. In addition, together we will be able to manage more than 20 orders per day, a number that is currently impossible due to the size of the warehouse and the operations that are not very digitalised.

So when you place your order, an alert will be sent to the farmer, who will get to work preparing the order. After that, we will go to his warehouse to take the order to our logistics centre, where we will finish preparing the box using an automated checklist, to finally send it to your home on the same day using an e-courier company.

On the other hand, thanks to the marketing and customer management tools, we want to get 500 new customers, which means that we will be able to help 30 farmers to receive a decent remuneration.

In this way, AGRARI differentiates itself from its competitors with its fast service, where the customer receives his order the same day after ordering. AGRARI's competitors usually have only one or two delivery days per week and within a limited time frame. In order to meet the requirements and convenience of each consumer, our company delivers every day in the morning and in the afternoon.

This makes AGRARI an excellent alternative, offering a higher quality, more sustainable and more social product with the same convenience as other products with longer supply chains.

**We need you to meet the following specific objectives!

  • Digitise and optimise operations
    • Develop an online order management platform.
    • Acquire tablets to make use of the software.
    • To rent a warehouse
    • Acquire wholesale boxes, at a cheaper price to accelerate the achievement of economic sustainability of the project
    • Buy a transport trolley for the warehouse
  • Increase sales
    • Improve the user experience on the website by making it more accessible to all types of people.
    • Acquire a license management tools as Mailchimp (mail automation) and other web plugins
    • Carry out promotional and marketing actions.
  • Social networking
    • Buy a recording equipment for tiktok (rent a mobile, selfie stick and light)
    • Hire a Community Manager
  • Others
    • Extend the services of our trusted insurance.
    • Extend the services of our trustworthy management.


  • 10 000€ (minimum target): Thanks to your support, we can deliver orders to your home on the same day.
  • 15 000€ : We improve our web platform and acquire a portable printer to personalise the boxes.
  • 20 000€ : We extend our consultancy and insurance services and acquire a video recording set.
  • 30 000€ : We do marketing actions to increase our sales, which allows us to help more farmers
  • 50 000€ (optimal target): We develop a box that allows the products to arrive ultra-fresh at your home, thanks to different preservation technologies.

Why this is important

The motivation for the project was born when Jaume joined a consumer group in his neighbourhood. He liked the idea of receiving produce from the countryside, but ended up abandoning it because the orders were weekly and it was difficult to schedule his purchases. On the other hand, Jesús was not convinced by the existing solutions either: the municipal markets are only open in the morning and he could not go there because he worked during those hours.

This is how the idea of bringing local produce closer to him with the utmost convenience came about. Our project is aimed at all those people who find it difficult to consume local products and cannot find convenient solutions. People who want to act in a sustainable way but the pace of our society does not allow them to do so.

Currently the project has a community that supports us with more than a thousand followers on Instagram and three thousand on Tik Tok where people interested in the agricultural world and a more sustainable consumption model can be found. Two videos have already exceeded 100,000 views and we have received more than 20,000 likes.

Finally, at the beginning of the project we defined our purpose as a team and project, why we do it and what drives us, the reasons being the following:

  • To seek the common good and to have people and the community at the centre.
  • To help farmers and dignify their work.
  • To create an alternative model and do things differently.
  • To show that young people are capable and valid to change the world we live in

Team and experience

The team is made up of graduates from the Universitat Politècnica de València in Agronomic Engineering, Food Technology, Computer Engineering and Economics. We are a young team with experience in agri-food project management and software development. In addition, since 2021, AGRARI is in the ecosystem of StartUPV, the UPV project accelerator with mentors and experts in the field.

The team is formed by:

Jesús Deusa Alonso: Jesús is our CEO - Indispensable as a tomato for gazpacho! An Agricultural Engineer with three Masters Degrees, two of them on agri-food engineering and food industry and a third one on Startup Administration by the UPV, Jesús is in charge of finding and managing the economic funds as well as directing the strategy and vision of the team. Finally, he has completed the entrepreneurship program at UC Berkeley "Startup Semester" (Silicon Valley) at Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, together with Jaume.

Jaume Merino Murgui: Jaume is our COO (Chief Operating Officer), the one who takes care of the orders. Graduated in Food Science and Technology with a Master in Startup Administration by the UPV, he has developed his professional career through numerous projects around food, sustainability and innovation consultancy. At Agrari, she is in charge of managing the company's operations from an economic and operational approach. Finally, he has completed the entrepreneurship program at UC Berkeley "Startup Semester" (Silicon Valley) with Jesús.

Arturo Sánchez Diaz-Güemes: Arturo is our CTO (Chief Technology Officer) - lightning fast, he fixes platform bugs faster than anyone else. A computer engineer with experience in the development of different web applications with React and Angular, he has a technical profile specialising in information technology. At Agrari, he is in charge of building the website as well as managing technological resources and data.

Ludivine Ratel: Ludivine is our CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) - the one who ensures the well-being of the team in the office! A graduate of Neoma Business School (France) with a Master's degree in marketing, she developed a keen interest in sustainability throughout her studies. She is in charge of defining the marketing strategy of the project (market research, customer targeting and brand image). Finally, he has completed the entrepreneurship program "Le Bridge program" at UC Berkeley (Silicon Valley) where he met Jesús and Jaume and decided to join the project.

Ivan Cuerda Serrano: Ivan is our star of the company, the official influencer of Agrari that appears in our TikTok! Thanks to his training as a Technical Agricultural Engineer specialising in Natural Resources and the Environment, he has all the knowledge he needs to explain interesting facts about the countryside. At Agrari, he is in charge of generating content on social networks and on the blog, bringing the garden closer to our community and transmitting our expert knowledge in the field.

Social commitment

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Good Health and Well-Being

    Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

  • Reduced Inequalities

    To reduce inequalities, policies should be universal in principle, paying attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations.

  • Responsible Production and Consumption

    Responsible Production and Consumption

  • Life On Land

    Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss