Moviment Ecolocal Mallorquí MEM!

Fundació Sa Llavor, Carrer del Metge Borràs, Plaça, Binisalem, España
Finished 03 / 01 / 2019
€ 1.305
€ 1.219
€ 5.829
53 Co-financiers
Contributing € 6
Re-usable Glass MEMlicotó + Special Welcome pack and recognition

Re-usable Glass MEMlicotó + a VERY strong hug at arriving + very handsome smile

> 00 Co-financiers
Contributing € 10
Re-usable Glass MEMlicotó + 5 Llavors (social currency) + Special Welcome pack and recognition

Re-usable Glass + a lot of hugs + 5 social currency units to exchange the same day of the meeting

> 04 Co-financiers
Contributing € 15
MEM! Cup + Special Welcome pack and recognition

MEM! Cup reminder to drink the world tpgether and why not, to use it also on the same day of the meeting

> 08 Co-financiers
Contributing € 15
MEM! Cloth back + Special Welcome pack and recognition

Cloth Bag to bring about reflection and ecosocial transformation around the world

> 07 Co-financiers
Contributing € 20
MEM Cloth back + 5 llavors (social currency) + Special Welcome pack and recognition

Unavoidable combo. Isn't it?

> 10 Co-financiers
Contributing € 25
MEM! Cup + 5 llavors + Special Welcome pack and recognition

Combo more inescapable than the previous one

> 13 Co-financiers
Contributing € 30
"Sopar a la fresca" in Barcarés

Fabulous picnic and guided walk through the Passeig de Manresa, Bonaire and Atalaia d'Alcudia

> 02 Co-financiers
Contributing € 50
Surprise route guided by Tramuntana + "Soparet a la fresca"

Route with the people who has coordinated the journey. Apart from enjoying and recognizing the beauty of our mountain range, we will share the principles and vision of the project and invite you to a fantastic vegan dinner.

> 03 Co-financiers
Contributing € 250
Facilitator of the meeting

You will receive 10 tassons + 10 cups + 10 bags of clothing + special welcome pack (hard mode) and will be mentioned on all documents, audiovisual and written as a facilitator of the day.

> 00 Co-financiers
Contributing € 500
Oficial co-financier of the meeting

Special pack of welcome (power-ranger mode) and appointment as official co-financier of the meeting

> 00 Co-financiers

About this project

1st MEM meeting! Initiative to knit a common story about ecosocial crises: from the protest to the proposal.
Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Cession of spaces and cleaning
Assignment of spaces of the Sa Llavor Foundation and cleaning
€ 240
Goteo Commission and transfer (minimum)
Commission Goteo 4% + Commission bank transfer 0.8%
€ 129
Direct expenditures of 5 volunteers
Trasnport, safe, and lunch
€ 110
Rental of audio equipment
Rental of microphones, amplifiers and speakers
€ 120
Goteo commission and transfer (minimum)
Commission Goteo 4% + commission bank transfer 0.8%
€ 140
Material Minimum Optimum
Cloth Bags MEM
Manufacturing of the MEM Bags
€ 150
MEM Cups
Mnufacturing of the MEM Cups
€ 250
Work materials in situ
Stationery, billboards and IDs
€ 200
Additional collective work material
Stationery, billboards and IDs
€ 100
Half-day catering for associations
Half-day catering for representatives of associations, facilitators and volunteers
€ 450
Re-usable glasses Melicotó
Elaboration and screen printing of 375 MEM - Melicotó
€ 240
Expedition of social currency Llavors (LL)
Expedition of the social currency valid only for the meeting to delight us with the vegan delicacies of the market places. (750 pcs)
€ 500
Expedition of social currency Llavors (LL)
Expedition of the social currency valid only for the meeting to delight us with the vegan delicacies of the market places. (750 pcs)
€ 250
Task Minimum Optimum
Social network management and communication (basic)
Management of accounts of facebook, twitter and written and digital press
€ 450
Video of the day and other infographics
Edition of the video summary of the day and other infographics
€ 260
Infographic narration
Compilation of information and elaboration of a dossier-summary of the day
€ 400
Facilitation (3 people)
Preparation and design of the facilitation and facilitation workshop on site
€ 690
Management of social networks and communication (ideal)
Management of accounts of facebook, twitter and written and digital press
€ 250
Hiring musicians
Reserve to recognize the importance of musical art
€ 900
Total € 1.219 € 5.829

General information

If we were able to join us, how beautiful and how close would be the future.

The heart of this proposal is to mobilize and guide a meeting, through reflection, to all those people, associations, social movements, foundations, cooperatives, etc., who have good humor and something to contribute, to try To collaborate in the construction of a common story, around the ecological and social crises through which Mallorca crosses.

We are sure about it will not be an easy task and it will be a matter of time to reach a new culture of relationships and social action that will bring back the sense and transformative power, instrumental, representative and enthusiastic of our entities. A culture that has the main strengths of courage in addressing the necessary changes, the tragedy of commons - more deeply here in the islands - and the long-term vision, unleashed by the urgent needs and focused on what is important. A path parallel to that of daily battles, as necessary as this one, shared by all.

What will we create together?

Under this hypothesis, a group of people have asked us where this necessary path could come from, and we have found it essential to start with the principle: recognizing, taking the measure and taking a look at our actions with regard to other derivations and evaluating ours Current status and particular visions and, if we choose between all, try to align ourselves with a common vision of the future.

We propose a happy, relaxed and enjoyable encounter.

Welcome to this new attempt! This new way!

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

Culture and movement. Dance is the transformation of normal functions and common expressions in movements beyond what is usual for extraordinary purposes. The human being when he dances, perceives, decodes, learns and regenerates symbols and meanings ... Do we swear?

It is proposed to hold a great meeting on Saturday, February 9, 2019 in Binissalem, in the spaces ceded by Sa Llavor Foundation.

This meeting will have two very different parts, and will be designed, prepared and accompanied by the companies of the cooperative "Bauma, other perspectives", convinced of the transformative potential that we have people, the relationships and collective dynamics to generate more quality of Life, and in this particular case, accompany us to recognize the expectations of each one and make the day the most beneficial and friendly for all.

What will we enjoy together?

MEM morning space
To boost during the first half of the day, at an approximate time from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., aimed at collaboration between the experts, coordinators and members of the technical teams, board of directors and board members of the participating associations and foundations ; and with a capacity limited to 50 participants. Each guest entity can accredit a maximum of 2 people belonging to the group in question. This space will be structured with more formal and collaborative dynamics.

The specific objectives to be addressed in this space are:

  • Generate and enjoy a friendly space for encounter and exchange of experiences.
  • Identify the common elements in relation to the diagnosis of the current social and ecological state of Mallorca.
  • Identify the multiplicity of visions in relation to the prognosis of the drift of our socio-eco-system.
  • Discuss the usefulness of generating shared or ordered treatments to regenerate our ecosystem.

MEM space tonight
Open meeting space. Directed especially to all the social bases of the groups that participated in the morning. To dinamize during the second half of the day, at an approximate time from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm, with playful elements, stalls, a workshop, acoustic concerts, reduced meeting spaces, etc., and with a maximum capacity of 300 people This space will be structured with more informal and more flexible dynamics of collaboration.

The specific objectives to be addressed in this space are,

  • Generate and enjoy a space for celebration, leisure, and exchange of information and resources.
  • Generate a common space for communication, dissemination and awareness.
  • Promote citizen participation and self-organization initiatives.

> Let's be realistic, imagine what is impossible: what it's coming.

We will start a shared dialogue , where we can imagine between all the new structures and relationship forms, optimal for a transition scenario where we believe we should collaborate and orientate with relative emergency in relation to the following topics or strategic axes:

  • Centrality of the eco-social perspective in crises
  • Forms of revitalization, redefinition, coordination, synergy and strengthening of the ecological association.
  • Forms of social innovation through citizen self-organization to satisfy essential goods through mutual support networks.
  • Forms and strategies of incidence and political mediation that return to organizations and organizations their instrumental sense of social change.
  • Ways to rationalize resources, give power to the foundations, optimize and place in a coherent place all the analytical knowledge related to the ecosocial drift of the islands and, to the extent possible, translate it into actions for the good common

We dream about the beginning of an open, friendly, happy, continuous dialogue, rigorous and at the service of majorities.

Why this is important

Every hero knows that all the best is always possible, only if he continues to choose

We believe it is exciting and mobilizing to remember that overcoming the ecological limits and coexistence between communities on the island of Mallorca must serve today as the best stimulus for the encounter. The Mallorcan and Balearic ecological community has the opportunity to reorganize themselves, from below, to start walking in parallel, to weave a social response to the level of complexity and creativity That collapsing accelerator networks demand.

The civilization that confuses the clocks over time, growth with development and greatness with greatness, also confuses Nature with the landscape while the world, labyrinth without a center, is dedicated to breaking its own sky.

With whom we count

We turn this invitation to all and all Majorcans, especially to our elders, who are depositors of all wisdom and ways to make them recover so much in this context. To the activists of the City and the foreign side of Mallorca. To forasters and our foreign brothers.

To the women of Mallorca, to those who love the land, the sea and the birds, those who feel the wounded land and those who watch to keep Tramuntana breathing, to those who saved the dragons with an unprecedented collaboration exercise, Those who pay attention to raising awareness in the education and the soul of our society, the companions immersed in the new class struggles, the academics who interpret our history with rigor, translate the present and give us frames to understand the future and to arm the foundations of our courage, to those who invent, constructing in a positive and respectful way, those that accompany us to a permanent and connected culture, without forgetting the biocultural memory, to those who try to recover it, to those who They want to feed the world more slowly, and especially, to anyone who feels called to participate.

We call, especially, those experts in the Majorcan ecosocial conflict, the techniques and members of the board of directors or trustees, and the volunteers and the social base. To all those who support both organizations with more experience in activism in Mallorca, such as those younger or younger. To any group aligned with the principles of the initiative that is willing to contribute in a constructive and constructive way, in a long-term strategy of action.

The strongest motivation is to discover ourselves capable. To generate opportunities for the rescue of our individual dreams, to integrate them into the collectives while creating environments and structures designed in favor of a natural wind of the wind.

We all know that Mallorca is for those who care for it .

Creating a community, we will be cultivating a possibility. You will have to search thoroughly, but this time, let's do it together in a friendly, inclusive, orderly and friendly manner.

Team and experience

The coordinating group of the meeting is a small group of friends who, little by little, weaved a common vision in relation to the ecosocial crises that Mallorca is going through. The reason for designing, formulating and attempting to launch this joint path is largely due to the enthusiasm that brings us to a new culture of relationships and the response to the social and response action we believe in.

Lara Cifre

Born near Es Capdellà, I have always enjoyed the landscape and nature of this island and I want to continue enjoying many years. As a young man I studied chemical engineering because I thought that the problems in the world originated in the pollution and if we were able to understand it, then it could be reversed.

Life put me to work on waste management, at the end of the linear economy in which we live. After a few years my vision changed radically: I believe that the problem is not solved only from the knowledge, which we already have to a great extent but that we do not apply them transversally as we would have. The challenge is the collaboration towards the systemic change that we need to deal with the ecological, social and disconnection of ourselves. In recent years I have been trained in permaculture, regenerative agriculture, leading from the emerging future and facilitating groups.

Atuk Iturregui

Llonguet by birth. From a Basque father and from a Segovian mother, the paths have made me agree with many people that we had loved our identity and culture for a very young age. Formally I studied pharmacy and postgraduate studies in public health and cooperation, now study anthropology. Laborally, I have dreamed from the non-profit industry and the community pharmacy. Dreamy, I have collaborated in social movements and organizations, in the fields of health, politics and the care of the land.

Conscious of the limitation in the use of labels, today I am in tune with the principles of eco-feminism, deep ecology, degrowth, permaculture, slow movements, mutual support, libertarian municipalism, Free education and the criterion of the Good Life.

It helps us cope with wonderful illustrations and artistic criteria Daniel Crespo, a freelance illustrator established in Madrid, a philosophy student and a lover of fresh vegetables. Commanding the group facility, Xavi Moya and Petit Arena , from the collective Bauma, altres perspectives, and Mariu and Gisela of Ressò Comunicació, we will give a great boost to the field of communication and social networks. The family of Sa Llavor Foundation will open our doors to celebrate the meeting. In Jaume de Melicotó will also put one hand and will help us with the design of a very showy reward.

After more than 50 meetings and interviews vis-à-vis, at this time, we already count with the support of a sufficient number of volunteers and of the great majority of ecological organizations of the island.

Social commitment