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Finished 22 / 08 / 2020
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Contributing € 10


Each pledge helps us keep Alquimétricos moving forward!

  • You'll gain access to our private content channel full of cool stuff like pre-release units, making ofs, and sneak peeks.
  • We will add your name to the contributor's hall of fame.
  • You will receive the digital welcome kit.
    We need 10x €10 pledges to develop new video content units, so don't forget to invite your friends in!

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Contributing € 18


Only for our first 12 helpers!

  • Get access to an online workshop for a very low pledge.
  • We will also add you to our channel for contributors, where you can find details and news on our next releases weeks before its official release.
  • Also get the digital welcome kit.
  • Your name will be added to our Hall of fame.

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Contributing € 25

  • With your contribution, we can create a new PDF zine, which will be dedicated to you.
  • You will also be receiving our digital welcome kit.
  • Get access to the contributor's exclusive channel full of awesome Alquimétricos new stuff.
  • You can suggest what content we should develop next.

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Only for our first 12 fans!

You really liked Alquimétricos, didn't you?

  • Get direct access to all our online workshops so you don't miss a detail!
  • You'll get the digital welcome kit.
  • Enter our Hall of fame.

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Contributing € 50


You enable us!

  • We will let you know how much we thank you by dedicating a video unit to you and to another Supporter.
  • Apart from that, you will gain access to our content channel, where you will be close to the Alquimétricos distillery of wonderful projects.
  • You'll enter our hall of fame and expect the digital welcome kit in your inbox.

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Contributing € 63

Early bird

Just for the first 12 early birds!

  • Get your physical kit The kit will be delivered after the first campaign round ends.
  • Get access to all our online workshops for a very low pledge.
  • You will receive the digital welcome kit
  • You will enter our Hall of fame

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Contributing € 75


We know what you want.

  • Choose your kit tier 1 kit and receive it at home or where you want. Send it as a gift to a friend or convert it into a 10x batch that we will send to a Brazilian cultural center. Happy faces warrantied.
  • You’lll get the digital welcome kit
  • Entering the Alquimétricos Hall of Fame is also included. The kit will be delivered after the first campaign round ends.

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Contributing € 100


We have your back!

  • With your support we can make a whole new video content unit, so we will dedicate it directly to you,
  • You will access our online workshop limited to 10 participants!
  • You will be receiving the digital welcome kit
  • Get access to the private content channel
  • Enter the hall of fame

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Contributing € 200


Thank you for your magic!

  • You will receive a physical welcome kit at the desired address.
  • You will enter our Hall of fame,
  • A project will be named after you,
  • Get access to exclusive content channel
  • Participate at a live online workshop.
    You are making possible a bunch of Brazilian "moleques" to learn geometry the fun way! The kit will be delivered after the first campaign round ends.

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Contributing € 250


Want to create something challenging?

  • Get a Frequency 2 Geodesic dome Alquimétricos' structure to discover the magic of Buckminster Fuller's architectural mind. The kit will be delivered after the first campaign round ends.
  • You get access to the online workshop
  • Access the exclusive content channel,
  • Get the digital welcome kit and ?
  • Enter the Alquimétricos Hall of Fame.

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Contributing € 350


So, you are interested in following the Alquimétricos' path...

  • You will surely appreciate a creator's kit, a case full of the tools and materials you need to create virtually any Alquimétricos project with your bare hands.. The kit will be delivered after the first campaign round ends.
  • We will send you the digital welcome kit
  • You’ll enter the Hall of fame

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Contributing € 400


If you want to bring Alquimétricos to your community you will certainly want our value pack with 10x ktis units.

  • You can choose among a variety of basic kits so you can share among your neighbours and friends. The kits will be delivered after the first campaign round ends.
  • You will get the digital welcome kit
  • Your name in the Hall of Fame.

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Contributing € 500


Your support makes us grow exponentially. Really, one of your pledges has just made possible the edition of all our videos, or all our illustrations...

  • Expect the physical welcome kit
  • Access to the dedicated channel
  • Find a place at all our online workshops
  • You can choose among some special gifts: personalized help desk, tailor made contents based on your preferences or send an online live workshop free pass to up to 10 people! The kit will be delivered after the first campaign round ends.

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Contributing € 1.000


You have really reached our hearts :); So here's the deal:

  • We will give an online workshop exclusively to you and your crew (up to 20 people) so your organization, family, or club can be part of the Alquimétricos community with exclusive contents, amusing activities and a whole experience tailor-made for you.
  • We will be making a special thanks social media video naming you, your organization, or whoever you tell us so people know how important your support is for us!
  • Expect our physical welcome kit and know that your donation has made possible loads of new educational experiences in Latin America. We will get In touch to show you, anyway. The kit will be delivered after the first campaign round ends.

> 00 Co-financiers

Contributing € 2.500


Be a hero!

  • Give away 100x kits to a Brazilian favela school plus 3 teachers’ creator cases and training, so this winter nobody stays at home without learning.
    Plus we will make a special gift for you. All the digital props included:
  • Hall of Fame,
  • Physical welcome kit,
  • Exclusive channel membership
  • All workshops access.

> 00 Co-financiers
Our collective reward after Goteo's campaign is already available through our project's website.
5 last days of our 2nd and final funding round in Goteo. If you just arrived, catch up on this.

Online Workshop at FabXLive!

We're happy to anounce that the first 6 content units are ready to deliver in English and it's a honor for us that FabXLive will be our host for our pre-release workshop: Homemade Building block systems
July 28th, 14:00 ET (US) we will dive into...

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We made it! Campaign successfully funded in Goteo thanks to lots of people ;)
Among all of us it's possible! Thank you for helping us achieve it with Goteo!
Thanks to people's support, our project is very close to become true!
We are almost there. We need you, they already supported us!

Webinar for our supporters and fans!

This week we will have a very special moment to invite our supporters to get a bit closer. You're invited to be part of our webinar on Fablabs for Open Education.
Lockdown has dramatically changed our lifestyles and priorities. Education...

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7 days left and we haven't achieved our minimum goal, ouch! Key time to donate now.
50% collected, the glass is already half full!

Great support from Creative Commons!

As part of the Creative Commons Global Network, Alquimétricos have just been benefited from the Community Activities Funding grant, which is already helping us to develop the Toys for quarantine campaign!

Thanks a lot, CC!

It's an important...

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We have received a donation of €500 in the campaign, thank you!
Our campaigns starts moving but there's still a way ahead and it is all-or-nothing!
Already 20 days of campaign in Goteo and still a world ahead. Who could also help with this? (click here).

Attend the webinar on maker education during lockdown

Quarantine education, challenges, budget, and fighting monotony.
Wednesday 18:00hs CEST
Join the conversation with the experts!
Tatiana Tabak (#designer #educator)
Professor Carlos Vidal (#Science #teachers' #teacher)
Fernando Daguanno...

[Read more]

Today I'm staying in to dance

We miss outside. Yes.
We are tired of being inside, yes. Some of you are going to be out soon . For some of us, the lockdown is just beginning.
I cannot avoid remembering all the things I like to make when I'm outside. For example, dancing with...

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#TBT Casablanca ENSAM Workshop

One year ago, in the middle of the night I was arriving the Casablanca airport.
It was not just the materialization of a dream. Meeting a new city, a new and very different country, a new (and ancient), and emblematic continent.
It was the...

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Tensegrity, sure. But what...?

Tensegrity concept belongs to a not very well know universe, closer than we think, but still difficult to pronounce.
Tensile structures are based upon two kind of elements: sticks and strings.
They can be flexible or elastic, but the main...

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It's been a week since we're campaigning in Goteo. Do you know who's our target?

In the begining there only was a strange haircut

Every saga has a beginning.
This was a very significant one.
Not because it was the first Alquimétricos workshop ever.
But it was the first one in Brazil.
The first one in Portuguese.
The first co-production (with the dearest Fharah...

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We are campaigning in order to achieve our objectives (click here!).
Here we are! The team behind this campaign and project.

Does size matter?

Now we are locked.
Most of the proposed projects will be small and cheap things to make at home.
But it doesn't have to end just there. Like in Karate Kid's Wax-In, Wax-out (lookup the reference ;-)) our methodology is just a training...

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We are launched!

We are ready to go!
The big moment of sharing our project with the worl has come, and we are very happy to share it with you.
Alquimétricos has been preparing loads of contents during the past months to share with the community and we are eager...

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First few donations, thanks! :)
This campaign kicks off!